We all come up with ideas that we’d like to pursue but don’t quite yet know how to fully communicate and/or push forward because maybe we haven’t yet met the right people, or know about resources, spaces, and access to funding.

As part of my art practice I find this happens when the ideas are (seemingly) very different or unconnected to the work I have previously done.  Sometimes the ideas emerge from the development of other works but are so early stage and new that it’s almost impossible to effectively talk about what the end result will be.

So let’s experiment: on this page I’m outlining a few of my early to mid stage ideas in the hope that by some tiny chance they might resonate with you, dear reader, and we might start a conversation that leads to some exciting developments for all involved.

While I’m currently working on several other projects right now, I would deeply love to move forward on some of these ideas over the next couple of years.

Even if they just spark off new ideas for you, I will be happy to have shared them rather than just keeping them privately rattling around in my head.