Shadows of Light at HCI 2016

Shadows of Light has been accepted into the gallery for HCI 2016 for its exploration into the properties of “slow interaction”.

The 30th British Human Computer Interaction Conference will be held between the 11th and 15th July 2016 at Bournemouth University’s Talbot Campus.

This years theme is “Fusion! HCI across Disciplines”. We want to challenge research and practitioners to uncover ways to inspire fusion in lots of different ways; these include fusion between quality & innovation, research & practice, and between different topic areas both within and outside HCI.

Alex will also be speaking on a panel called Performing Interaction: Space, Place and Time about the installation and his work.

British Human Computer Interaction Conference 2016



Bournemouth University Workshop

2015-01-20 13.19.48Just spent two very enjoyable days running a Painting With Light video mapping workshop at Bournemouth University.

As with every workshop, new behaviours emerged such as three participants projecting on the same space (exciting and very confusing for all involved), there was a sound reactive installation combining Max/MSP and Painting With Light’s OSC control facility, and materials included balloons, foil, cling-film, kitchen roll, books, and masks.

The next one-day workshop is at Phoenix Brighton again.  Although it has been sold out for months, you can join the waiting list here.