Contemplative interactive digital video installation exploring the concept of “slow interaction” where the visitor is rewarded for standing still.

Rather than responding to quick movement, it requires viewers to slow down and stand still, when it will slowly take the viewers silhouette and uses it as a digital stencil, ‘spraying’ paint that starts to drip and spread into the silhouettes of others.

Embodied Encounters – Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine

Shadows of Light is currently on show as part of the Embodied Encounters exhibition at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, University of Irvine, California.  Curated by David Familian and Simon Penny, the exhibition brings together seven international artists.

Shadows of Light at ICT 2013

Shadows of Light at the Tate Modern (2013)

Shadows of Light at Kinetica Art Fair (2011)

Format: interactive single-channel video installation, single computer, Microsoft Kinect, single video projector (or monitor)

Size: variable

Available for exhibition: Yes

The original 2009 version of Shadows of Light by Alex May and Martin A. Smith was a dance performance in London.