Anna Dumitriu and Alex May are pioneers in creating robotic artworks that performatively explore our relationships to new technologies, from HARR1, our constantly moving humanoid robot which exhibits body language and boredom, to Antisocial Swarm Robots which make explicit the human need to project life-like behaviour on robots and explore our audience’s inability to deconstruct even the simplest algorithms.

Cyberspecies Proximity at CENTQUATRE, Paris (March 2020)

They now propose to significantly develop their explorations of robotic movement through collaboration with the Human Robot Co-Mobility project creating an in depth investigation of future co-existence with intelligent embodied robots, based on a deep investigation of human and robot interaction and movement, focussing on proximity, touch, body language and interactivity.

They aim to create a new human – robot performance experience and installation where public audiences and researchers can reflect on the current research and speculative or playful future scenarios grounded in the latest research.

Their robots will be programmed in Alex May’s open source Fugio visual programming system and innovations will be shared with researchers. Working with Lucas Evers at Waag Society as producer they will ensure the widest dissemination of the final artwork through exhibitions, workshops, talks and the sharing of our processes and methodologies.

Schindler Press Release