Portfolio Archive

This page contains older projects.  See the main portfolio page for the most recent works.

The  Institute of Unnecessary Research Meets The Egyptian Bioart Club (2014)

An exhibition created for ISEA 2014 in Dubai by several members of the IUR.

Caracas Video Street Art 04Caracas Video Street Art (2013)

Video mapped street projection installation reflecting on the many vibrant aspects and history of the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

Caracas Remixed 05Caracas: Remixed (2013)

Video mapped installation by Alex and the participants of his two-day Painting With Light workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela

Uniform Glitch 5xUniform Glitch 5x (2013)

A series of digital generative artworks exploring a bug in the artists code.

Robot House ResidencyRobot House Residencies (2013)

Artists Alex May and Anna Dumitriu spent two weeks engaging with researchers and robots in the University of Hertfordshire’s top-secret ‘robot house’ as part of their ongoing Artist in Resident visiting research fellowship.

Parting ShotParting Shot (2013)

A music video featuring live video mapping onto eggs, raw bacon, and Play-Doh.

Video SculptureVideo and Stone Sculpture (2013)

A carved soapstone and video mapped sculpture.

Conwy Video SculptureConwy Video Sculpture (2012)

An abstracted representation of the picturesque town of Conwy in Wales created using video elements shot on location and physical elements including paper boats made by local residents.

Alan Turing PortraitAlan Turing: a portrait in sound and visuals (2012)

A sound and video art portrait of British mathematician Alan Turing, World War 2 code-breaker and inventor of computer as we know it today.

Smoke and Mirrors MachineSmoke and Mirrors Machine (2012)

Laser and smoke machine installation creating a two-point perspective illusion to communicate and raise issues around online identity and how it can be compromised.

Communicating BacteriaCommunicating Bacteria Dress (2012)

Antique white work dress, stained with pigmented and genetically modified bacteria, video mapped with stop motion of the bacterial communication taking place.

My Robot CompanionMy Robot Companion (2011-2012)

Robot installation featuring a “face stealing” head that asks whether we would be more accepting of robots in a domestic situation if they looked familiar to the people around them.

Out of WhiteOut of White (2011)

A series of generative and audio reactive real-time video installations to create trompe l’oeil illusions of blocks coming out of flat surfaces.

Monotone SymphonyMonotone Symphony (2010)

A dance, soundtrack, and generative video performance reinterpreting Yves Klein’s “Monotone Symphony and Anthropometries of the Blue Period” to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

994,138994,138 (2010)

Generative video mapped installation representing the scale of the UK civilian and military casualties in World War 1.

Christopher WalkensChristopher Walken Ambulance (2010)

Interactive and video mapped pop-art video installation projected onto a white Transit van, in a field somewhere in Norfolk.

Chasing ShadowsChasing Shadows (2010)

An audio/video artwork responding to the artwork of Sally McKay, shown alongside an exhibition of her drawings of dancers in motion.

RecyclowaveRecyclowave (2010)

Video mapped installation for Canon Europe reflecting on their commitment to incorporating recycling within the lifetime of their products.

London Video Street ArtLondon Video Street Art (2009)

Using a portable video mapping system designed by Alex, several existing graffiti artworks by Banksy and other artists were digitally augmented in an impromptu and unauthorised live performance.

KaidanKaidan (2008)

A large site-specific audio/video installation in the Japanese Garden in Holland Park creating a walk-through retelling of a traditional Kaidan ghost story full of murder, madness, and revenge.

Statues AliveStatus Alive (2008)

Several statues along Chelsea Embankment in London, including a Rosetti water fountain and a Jacob Epstein, were augmented with video mapping and audio soundtracks to bring them back to life for the thousands of people who pass by them every day.

Haunted Holland ParkHaunted Holland Park (2007)

A series of video mapped installations with evocative soundtracks guided visitors through the ancient woods of Holland Park in London celebrating life, death, and the eventual demise of ego.

Love Imagination KnowledgeLove, Imagination, Knowledge (2007)

An early video art sculpture.

Screenshot 2014-03-02 11.16.47 Rust (2006)

Early video art piece.