Northern Ireland Science Festival Art and Science Talk

The Art and Science of Linen

Thursday 22 February, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Suitability: 14+

Join artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May in conversation following a showing of the video artwork “The Art and Science of Linen”.

This video artwork was created by Anna, Alex, and microbiologist Dr John Paul, with sound by Martin A. Smith. It looks at the whole ecology of linen production from the bacteria used to break down the flax in retting tanks, to the industrial production of linen and its cultural importance. Hear about heritage crafts, such as natural dyeing, and how they link to modern microbiology.

Alex will highlight the manual processes filmed in Northern Ireland and the editing, from his background in VJing, which is the creation or manipulation of imagery in real-time through technological mediation.

2 Titanic Boulevard
Titanic Quarter
Belfast BT3 9HQ


Art Science and Cocktails

ART SCIENCE & COCKTAILS SENTRALEN, Oslo 7.November kl.20 – 22

As part of the “Technology & Emotions” conference in Oslo, Alex will be giving a talk:

“Alex will present a selection of his key artworks, an overview of the creative software he has made and released, and outline his proactive approach towards long-term preservation of digital art.”

The event is initiated by i/o/lab in collaboration with Polyteknisk Forening og NTNU.

Virtual Tour of Our Friends Electric exhibition

HARR1 and the Antisocial Swarm Robots are on show at QUAD Derby until September 10th.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, or if it’s a little far to travel, you can explore the Our Friends Electric exhibition virtually right now:

Yellow Magic

For British Science Week Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science ran a special event called Yellow Magic about the story of penicillin, and featuring artists and scientists “at the cutting edge of medical research”.

Alex May and Anna Dumitriu exhibited the latest version of their virtual reality artistic exploration of bacteria and whole genome sequencing featuring bacterial smells that were blown towards the participant using fans that were digitally synchronised to the virtual experience.

The new version of the work was made in collaboration with Dr. James Price and Dr. Nicola Fawcett and funded by the Royal College of Pathologists.

EEG Improvisation (2016)

I attended a brainwave workshop with artist Luciana Haill where I created two improvisations. The first is a piece of music that I’m playing with my mind: taking the EEG readings and using them to trigger frequencies. The second is a video synthesizer that responds to EEG signals. Both were created in the workshop using my Fugio software.