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Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology – edited by Camille Baker and Kate Sicchio, chapter “Mass Collaboration through Software and why we need a ‘Keeper’ Movement” written by Alex May, to be published by Routledge (8th October)


Imperica Magazine (13th October 2015)

“As well as working on his own video mapping works for exhibition in galleries across the UK and further afield, he is also responsible for the software behind each work, called Painting With Light.

We caught up with Alex to ask him some fundamental questions about video mapping and his interest in it, as well as how it works in that most public of creative spaces – the gallery setting.”

Talking Business – BBC News 24 and BBC Global World News (19th September 2015)


Brighton Digital Festival – Radio Reverb (25th August 2015)

Alex was interviewed about the two Brighton Digital Festival events he is involved with: “Digi-Fears” and “Toy Hack Digital Metropolis”

4 Tech – BBC Arabic (26th March 2015)

Alex May and Anna Dumitriu were interviewed for BBC Arabic’s flagship technology program 4 Tech about their ongoing collaborative art project My Robot Companion.

The segment starts about 7 minutes in and lasts for about 6 minutes.

Emergency Index: Volume 3 (February 2015)


Alex’s Painting With Light performance at Tate Modern is featured in the third volume of Emergency Index.

“While we argue about what performance documentation might mean, every year countless performances are lost to history. In book form, Emergency Index attempts to capture a broad snapshot of the “state of the field” of performance, as it exists right now, and as described by artists themselves. Volume 3 is here, with more than 700 pages documenting hundreds of recent performances across unexpected genres and from all over the world. This is an amazing resource for scholars, teachers, appropriators, artists, nihilists and anyone making performance.”


Aesthetica Magazine (19th October 2014)

Aesthetica Magazine interviewed Alex May about his art practise in advance of Kinetica Art Fair 2014.

Kinetica Art Fair Artist Interview: Alex May

“He captivates viewers by painting with digital video footage in real-time onto physical sculptures with synchronised audio and interactive technology.”