Future Digital Life: A World Without Us?

This conference programme reflects on the themes of the exhibition A World Without Us and inspired by ArchaeaBot, an artwork by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, it explores what life might mean in a post climate change, post singularity future. We ask what roles art can play in engaging audiences in environmental issues, the development of new technologies and the societal implications of our decisions?

Impakt’s ground-breaking programme features internationally renowned speakers and keynotes from across art, science and philosophy and explores our themes from perspectives of robotics and AI, microbiology, synthetic biology, neuroscience, hacking, and environmental activism. What would a world without us look like? Will it be ruled by transhumans, intelligent robots or bacteria?

On the 18th of January: Future Digital Life: A World Without Us? at IMPAKT Center for Media Culture, Utrecht:

14:15 – Robots, VR and Hacking, a panel with Alex May (moderator), Ine Poppe, John Holder, Ghislaine Boddington
16:00 – The Risks and Benefits of VR, a panel with Arjon Dunnewind (moderator), Lucas Evers, Paul Brown
19:00 – Keynote by professor Paul Brown (University of Sussex)

19 January: Future Biological Life: Life Goes On at IMPAKT Center for Media Culture, Utrecht:

15:30 – Human and Non-Human Life, a panel with Anna Dumitriu (moderator), Martijntje Smits, professor Freek Hoebeek, Chris Bisson
17:15 – Demonstration of BioComputation Robots by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May
19:00 – Keynote by professor John Paul (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

Watch the live stream from “Future Digital Life: A World Without Us?” 2pm (CET) 1pm (GMT) https://youtu.be/x5TPnZEfM6A

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