Shadows of Light

Contemplative interactive digital video installation exploring the concept of “slow interaction” where the visitor is rewarded for standing still.

Antisocial Swarm Robots

As part of the Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late event at the Royal Academy of Art, Alex May and Anna Dumitriu exhibited their robot companion HARR1 (Humanoid Art Research Robot #1) who delighted visitors by getting bored of them (read more here) and a pen of small robots that continuously circled around and bumped into each other. These …

Grand Theft Reality (2016)

During my various visits to Los Angeles over the past months, I experienced a mentally displaced feeling when visiting locations for the first time physically that I had previously visited in the computer game Grand Theft Auto 5. Unlike visiting locations that had been used in movies, in which the view of the control is by …

This Data Means Nothing (2016)

This data means absolutely nothing. Never able to be truly repeated; it is unprocessed and unaltered. It represents a one dimensional sampling of one metric in one point in space from the entire simultaneous universe over a few, unmarked, and discretely partitioned seconds. It is a memory now; one I experienced after the fact and …

Fallen Angel

Melissa Grant, Oliver De Peyer, Paul Shepherd, Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, Kira O’Reilly 1st April – 11th June 2016 Birmingham Open Media (BOM) is organising the first ever exhibition by the High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB) science-art collective. Ingenious and Fearless Companions explores the adventure of curiosity-driven research through a quest to find microscopic life in …


“Sequence” is a bio-digital project by artist Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with Alex May, the Modernising Medical Microbiology project at the University of Oxford, the University of Hertfordshire, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, and funded by Arts Council England.

My Robot Companion

Robot based project that asks what do we want from robots in our homes and challenges our preconceptions and ethical viewpoints through boredom, fidgeting, and face touching.

Sequence Music

Making music from DNA sequenced in a gallery using a MinION device

No Violence To The Sky

A video mapping installation responding to the writings of César Pelli – architect of One Canada Square, the Petronas Twin Towers, and Manhattan’s downtown World Financial Center, amongst many others. On show now at Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London


Waterlight is an audio and video mapped sculpture commissioned by Watermans Art Centre for their “The River Weekender”, part of the “Totally Thames” Festival.

40 Minute Painting

“40 Minute Painting” is a video artwork that has been generated using the small errors that occur when computers store fractional numbers in 32-bits of binary (e.g. 0.1 becomes 0.10000000149011612) to create mesmerizing clouds of colour that gradually evolve over the length of the work.

The Human Super Organism

The Human Super Organism” is an interactive installation that focuses on the bacteria from the hands. Participants place their hands on an interactive screen which acts as a virtual Petri dish and reveals the ways in which diverse colonies of bacteria from the human hands can be grown in the lab on agar.

Serre Numérique Inauguration

A live video mapped performance by artist Alex May, commissioned and supported by Décalab, for the opening of Serre Numérique – a new digital hub built in the northern French commune of Valenciennes.

Painting With Light: Video Sculptures

An exhibition of digitally augmented, video mapped, and animated sculptures, developed by Alex May in collaboration with local, national, and international artists from a wide range of backgrounds, through a three day participatory workshop. Participants from left to right: June Frickleton, Sam Hewitt, Juliet Kac, Bushra Kelsey Burge, Alex May, Leyla Rodriguez, Isabelle Desjeux, Eik Leknesund …

Room 40

Room 40 is a video mapped installation investigating forms of digital surveillance by reconstructing GCHQ the British government intelligence agency through gathered second hand information with a soundtrack by Martin A. Smith.

ISEA 2014

The exhibition was on show in the Al Fahidi Cultural Quarter at House 31 and was made on site as a collaborative work between Heba El Aziz, Lucy McCabe, Anna Dumitriu, and Alex May, (and the IUR advisory committee which consists of Sue Gollifer).

Kinetica Art Fair 2014

“Wunderkammer” at Kinetica Art Fair 2014. A collection of temporary concepts, ideas, and physical materials, including light, that presents the viewer with a whole work that may (must?) be broken down into smaller and smaller parts. It has a shattered narrative; a broken temporal and physical state that is both animated and still at the …


“Super-organism” is a new commission for the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, taking place in October 2014. It takes the form of a wet and dry bio-digital research laboratory created by artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, which enables young people and families to investigate their own bacterial ecosystems through a hands on bioart activity and …

Communicating Bacteria

The Communicating Bacteria Project combines bioart, historical textile techniques and 3D mapped video projections to explore new research currently being undertaken in the field of bacterial communication, to engage a wide audience in the field and increase debate and understanding of this potentially new form of infection control. The project is funded by The Wellcome …

Brighton: Remixed

Brighton Remixed is a site specific digital video sculpture installation by Alex May, commissioned by Clearleft for the Brighton Digital Festival 2013.

Love, Imagination, Knowledge

Video soundtrack by Belle Atmos Format: Single channel digital video with stereo soundtrack Size: 720×576 Available for exhibition: Yes

Hands Make Fire: Parting Shot


Statues Alive

Commissioned by Kensington and Chelsea Council to devise an audio/visual walk somewhere in the borough around the theme of bringing statues to life. The walk was to run for 7 nights – 19th-25th of June 2008 – and be the first event in 2008′s InTransit festival and also feature in the London Festival of Architecture. …

Robot House Residency

Alex May and Anna Dumitriu will be resident in The University of Hertfordshire’s Robot House between 13th and 17th May 2013. The artists will spent a week in a house surrounded by research robots and document their experiences and make artwork in response to the situation. There will be an artists talk (open to the public) on 15th May …

The Art and Science of Linen

The Art and Science of Linen is a video artwork created by artists Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, and microbiologist Dr John Paul, with sound by Martin A. Smith.

Video and Stone Sculpture

Format: Stone sculpture with installation specific video mapping.  One computer, one or two video projectors Size: 50cm x 30cm x 30cm Available for exhibition: Yes

Caracas Video Street Art

After returning from the two day workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Alex was commissioned to create a video installation to feature as part of street festival in down-town Caracas. The installation is based around the colours of the Venezuelan flag designed by Francisco de Miranda in 1806, who was inspired by a conversation with …

Caracas: Remixed

The British Council arranged for Alex May to run a two day Painting With Light workshop in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela.

Uniform Glitch 5x

While coding PatchBox 3.0, a subtle bug was introduced that created the following glitches. This bug took days to track down and fix, and was caused by setting uniforms on an unbound OpenGL shader causing it to access unknown data from the memory of the graphics card. These results are almost certainly unique to the hardware …

Painting With Light at the Tate Modern

For the opening night of the #HYPERLINK festival on 26th April 2013, Alex May debuted a 75 minute ‘Painting With Light’ live video mapping art performance in the South Tank at Tate Modern, London.

Conwy Video Sculpture

A site specific video sculpture created using found objects, a single HD video projector, and Alex’s new video mapping software Painting With Light.  The piece was commissioned by the blinc digital arts festival and exhibited in Conwy, Wales on the 27th and 28th of October 2012. Format: Site-specific video mapped installation.  Single computer, and single HD video projector. Size: 3m x 3m …

Smoke and Mirrors Machine

Smoke and Mirrors Machine is a kinetic and digital installation interpreting the principles of secure communication between two parties and how it may be intercepted and subverted; a subject that came under close scrutiny by Alan Turing during his tenure at Bletchley Park working as a key part of the team decoding the German’s complex Enigma Machine communications.

A family of Christopher Walkens heading to the scene of the crime in a Love Ambulance

Pop-Art interactive video mapped installation by Alex May and Martin A. Smith. Video soundtrack by Martin A. Smith Format: White transit van with single video projector and single computer running interactive video installation combined with site-specific video mapping Size: Transit van Available for exhibition: Yes, although the video mapping is done by hand so there will be slight …


Commissioned by Canon Europe for exhibition at the Grande halle de la Villette in Paris Format: Site-specific video mapped installation Size: 4m x 4m x 4m approx Available for exhibition: No

Chasing Shadows

An original audio/visual composition by Alex May and Martin A. Smith interpreting the art of Sally McKay. Commissioned by the GV Art gallery this film was part of the “Chasing Shadows” exhibition running from 14th May to 20th June 2009 Format: Digital video with stereo soundtrack Size: N/A Available for exhibition: No


994,138 is a reflection on the scale of the UK casualties (military and civilian) during World War 1. Each pixel represents a single life, starting off as black when they are born; each year is represented by one second.  As they get older the pixel gets lighter until it is full white, at which point …

Monotone Symphony

In March 1960, at the Galerie Internationale d’Art Contemporain, Paris, Yves Klein presented his Monotone Symphony and Anthropometries of the Blue Period. Whilst a ten-piece orchestra played the Monotone Symphony, a work consisting of a single tone, three naked models rolled themselves in blue paint and then pressed their bodies onto giant pieces of paper …

London Video Street Art

Video soundtrack by Martin A. Smith Format: live site-specific video mapped installations onto existing graffiti Size: various Available for exhibition: No

Out of White

Out of White #3 A real-time video projection illusion installation exhibited at Kinetica Art Fair 2011 Out of White #2 Out of White #1 A site specific video and sound installation created for the GV Art Gallery in London. From the wall coloured blocks project and recess in reaction to a specifically composed soundtrack. The speed, colour …


Alex May and Martin A. Smith were commissioned by The Royal Borough Of Kensington And Chelsea to create an interactive video and sound installation for Halloween in the Kyoto Garden of Holland Park, London.

Haunted Holland Park